This is a topic we've been debating about for a few days now, whether or not radar detectors are a good thing.  On one hand, they give people the "right" to break the law and endanger other people's lives.  However, as Rog is pointing out, there are times when a radar detector can be a good thing.

First, I feel like anyone who needs a radar detector is going to be doing illegal things, such as speeding and driving wrecklessly which puts themselves and other people in danger.  The only reason to put one of these in your vehicle is so that you can figure out where cops are waiting with a speed radar, and avoid getting the ticket.  Racing through the streets may be fun to some people but having cars blow past your doors doing 100mph+ because they feel "safe" with their radar detector is beyond unbelievable.  It's plain stupidity.

Now, Rog has a fun car that he enjoys driving, quite often.  He takes it to the drag strip in Jacksonville, and has run multiple autocross events (orange cones in a parking lot) as well as taken it to Sebring raceway a few times.  I say this to let you know that he knows how to drive, for the most part, and believes using a radar detector protects him while he is on public roadways.  He feels that being alerted to other signals, such as ambulances and fire trucks, redlight cameras, and other radar detection devices makes him a more aware driver, thus increasing the safety of himself and other drivers around him.  I can see where he is coming from.

However, he also feels that using the radar detector on back roads where there is no traffic is a perfectly legitimate reason to own one.  Like I said, he enjoys driving his car and motorcycle, and does so very frequently.  Even though there may not be other drivers around, he is still risking his own life while breaking the law.

Let us know what you think?  Safe, or not?  Good reasons to own one?